The Squircle Process

Good digital marketing should be about continual improvement. No singular piece of marketing activity is responsible for the growth of a business. Our name reflects this and is derived from our unique 4 stage (squ-are) continuous (c-ircle) process.


You can't fix a problem that you do not understand. That is why we start with the most important step, designing the solution around the problem we need to solve.

We work with owners & stakeholders to drill down into your business to the fine detail. We ask tough questions and deliver a fresh perspective.

Our experience over many years helps us develop a new blueprint for your business, a plan for what is next, a budget for achieving it and key metrics with which to measure success.

We pride ourselves in enabling change in brand, customer experience, sales and marketing and in unlocking the unique capabilities of your organisation.

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Brands that win today have a purpose. They are digitally powered, experience-driven and relevant.

The Build phase is about changing the way that your brand is perceived. This could be anything from a new brand identity, an engaging campaign to drive traffic to your site, refreshing your social media content, better in-store user-experience, an event or packaging.

In short, we help your business find its voice and develop a golden thread which works seamlessly online and offline.


Customer expectations constantly change, so must yours.

Continually developing & activating new plans which are omni-channel & backed up by deep data and analytics, are essential.

As part of growth focus, we are constantly looking at:

  • Operations & Systems
  • Products & Packaging
  • Experience & Activation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising & Brand Partnerships

These connect your business to your customers at a value which drives maximum return for your business.

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To grow faster, businesses today have to be more analytical & use data more efficiently. However, collecting data from multiple sources can be challenging & making sense of various data sets even harder.

There are a dizzying array of off-the-shelf platforms, apps and software that profess to help you understand your business. In the real world, however, companies are unique and need bespoke reporting to fit around them.

Here is where our data and analytics teams work closely with our UX & UI designers to build dashboards which give you an instant view of your business. Including sales, operations, marketing and finance, ensuring robust data is at the heart of every business decision.

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