CG Imagery & Animation

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) makes the impossible possible. Remove the restrictions of traditional techniques. We use CGI to create stunning imagery and animations with personality.

The Process


Either as a physical meeting or a virtual one, a meeting of minds to discuss the beginning of any project is crucial to collaborate on ideas, share information & agree on deliverables and goals.

Moodboards & Storyboards

The goal of this phase is to narrow down the look and feel with moodboards whilst also shaping the concept or story using storyboards & sketches.

Design & Build

This is when we do the bulk of the building and creating of assets. Animating, etc

Post Production

Once you are happy with the direction, concept, lighting & textures we move into post-production. This is where we do color-correction, motion graphics, colour grading, editing and more.

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3D render of a Loudhaler