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File Formats

Raster vs vector images

Broadly speaking you can separate image files into two major types – raster and vector. Both can be produced on computers and are equally useful in the right situations, but there are some big differences between the two.

Raster (bitmap) images are pixel-based, meaning the image is composed of a grid of pixels, collectively forming a larger image. You can observe this by magnifying any photographic image in print or digital – you will see lots of coloured squares (RGB in digital and CMYK in print).

Raster images are used for complex images that have smooth gradients of colour and undefined edges, such as photographs. The downside is that they are dependent on resolution, suffering from image degradation and loss of detail when scaled up. Raster images can be described as lossy or lossless, terms that refer to the compression they use. Lossy compression removes pixels to produce a close match to the image, while lossless uses exact reproductions of the original image. Common raster file formats include JPEG, PSD, PNG and TIFF.

Vector images are mathematical calculations, rendered in the form of geometric paths, created purely on a computer. Because their form is defined by a set of mathematical parameters, they can be scaled up and down without any loss of quality. As a consequence you will often find these being used for logos, icons and fonts, which are expected to be flexible given any situation. Examples of vector file formats are AI, EPS and SVG.

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