Benefits of "digital" transformation

You have probably heard or read it multiple times already today. It crops up everywhere, but what does the term "digital" mean?

We hear the terms of digital advertising, digital watches, digital content, digital tv, digital studios, digital agencies etc. a lot these days. Is "being digital" crucial and, if so, what does this mean?

In marketing terms, anything someone consumes interacts with or views on a screen is digital.

That sounds very simple, but how does the digital world affect your business, and what advantages can you gain from "being more digital"?


The most significant benefit of the digital age is that consumers can interact with your brand from anywhere in the world. You can be visible via your website, social media channels, blogs, e-commerce stores, etc.

The key is making sure these channels work well collectively and that each tool is as optimised as possible.


You have, no doubt, been emailing for as long as you can remember, but are you maximising the potential of email? It would help if you also considered the communication tools within other apps & social networks.

An efficient client engagement process is a vast area for improvement for many businesses in creating a real dialogue with customers. It is not about utilising every platform available but selecting the most appropriate channels and optimising these as much as possible.

Another area of communication that is often overlooked is internal communication and team systems. See the Efficiency section below for more on that.


We can now create distinct content for precise segments of your current and potential customers. Allowing us to be more targeted in our marketing means that the customer feels that you are talking to them more directly and thus, they feel more engaged.

This area takes planning and expertise to do well, but it can be incredibly useful and return unprecedented returns when done correctly.


New ideas in the digital space can be conceptualised, ideated & rolled out very quickly and typically cheaper than before.

Innovation may or may not be a big part of your business, but we believe every business needs to at least scope out new ideas to avoid being left behind. Nobody wants to be the company that sinks because they didn't innovate. Modern history is littered with too many of them:

  • Blockbuster
  • Kodak
  • Nokia
  • Yahoo
  • IBM
  • BlackBerry
  • MySpace
  • Polaroid
  • Motorola
  • Pan Am

Not all of these companies went bust, but they all took a severe hit for not innovating.


With digital marketing comes data, lots and lots of data. Companies love to collect data; very few use it well.

If the data is structured correctly, the analysis of the data provides a wealth of knowledge on your current and potential customers. The report can then be used to tailor your marketing and potentially other areas of your business.


Supply chains, productivity, conversion rates, sales funnels, etc. have all been improved by new technologies and platforms. Having the right tools for your team can make an enormous difference to the bottom line.

Company Structure

Remote working is not for everyone, but it is changing the world. There are different levels of remote working, from one day a week at home to the complete remote team or even company.

Remote working can reduce fixed costs, increase employee well-being and open up other opportunities, but it comes with some compromises. We have helped a number of companies with this transition and with the right tools, remote working can be a positive change.